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Handle the Heat (Summertime)

Summertime and the living is easy

picnics, ballgames, family reunions, trips to the beach and the pool -- a time to enjoy being outside.

Summer is also extreme heat season—which is more dangerous as we get older.

As we get older our bodies and skin deal with heat differently — and we may have medical conditions or take prescription meds that affect how we respond or perspire; ask you doctor or pharmacist.

When it gets really hot, staying cool is essential— turn on the AC and drink lots of water - don’t wait till you’re thirsty!  

Have bags of ice and ice packs handy to use when you get overheated.

Avoid being outdoors during the mid-day, and especially avoid cars that have been heating up in the sun—go early or much later, or maybe not at all. 

And remember: the effect of heat is cumulative—the longer you are in the heat without cooling down—especially at night—the more likely a heatstroke is.

Ask for help if you feel even a little dizzy - it can be the first sign of danger. If you feel bad call 911 - they will help you decide if you need help, and have rapid response methods to cool you down.

If your home is not air conditioned, don’t rely on a fan alone to keep cool — seek cool locations like senior and community centers, libraries, malls and theaters.

When heat hits extreme levels, most communities have cooling centers.

Senior services can help you get there — and they may also help with utility bills, fans and AC repairs. Ask them now!

Make a plan, know the risks,

and you can enjoy summer safely!

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