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How can the Older Americans Act help you?

The Older Americans Act was passed in 1965 and reauthorized in 2020. It provides critical programs and services to help older adults age in place.

The population of older adults has more than tripled since the Act was passed.

Today we have a new understanding of the recipe for healthy aging, including the social and mental wellness components of well-being and the many advantages of aging independently in our homes and communities.

The key ingredients:

Mental wellness is essential to healthy aging, and that means managing the stress that aging can bring, along with feelings of isolation for ourselves and for caregivers.  Talk about it, and ask for help.

Nutrition & Connections  You are what you eat, especially as we get older!  Good nutrition, congregate dining and joining in events & activities in your community supports your health and expands connections and interactions; these can also be an important path to  programs and services. 

Meals on wheels The home delivery of a hot meal goes way beyond food; it is a human connection and an important daily check-in.

Caregivers  Providing caregiver support--through education, networking and adult respite--expands and improves healthy aging by taking care of the people taking care of us.

The Older Americans Act was created to support all these ingredients of a strong and healthy aging population; and that helps build strong and healthy communities.

To learn about The Older Americans Act and all the tools and  resources that can help you Age with Grace & Thrive in place, contact Aging True at (904) 807-1203.

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